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Combination Window Details

Carol's Current Window Specifications


Picture Window = 58" Tall

Awning Window = 20" Tall; Hinged from the Top

Representational Images

Picture Window

Awning Window

Just like the window I've

currently specified for you 

there would be a taller 

picture, or fixed, window

above and a shorter,

operable awning window

below. This eliminates the 

disruption of the sightline

at eye level and even when

sitting down with the mullion

joining the two units together.

The operable awning window

though still allows for greater

ventilation and air movement.


All successful bidders must, prior to commencing work, review the guidelines in the aforementioned Protocol with any employees, vendors, subcontractors, or affiliates who will, at any time, be present at the Job Site while under the employ of the Contractor. The safety of our employees, clients, and other contractors is of utmost importance; as such, any contractor who, after repeated warnings, continues to disregard the protocol will be asked to leave the job site and have all future payments suspended indefinitely.

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Any accident that causes bodily harm and/or damage to property, either of the Owner's, Construction Manager's, or Contracto's ownership must be reported to the Construction Manager within twenty-four hours of incident.


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